Pages 18, 20, and 22:

-6V, -10V, and -12V

should be

-6V, -10V, and -14V

Page 149:

C10-C12 should be 0.016uF

Please note the Amazon reviews, and see the reviews in QST magazine (December 2014, pg. 40) and Electric Radio magazine (October 2014, pgs. 38 and 39).

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ISBN 978-1-57074-089-3    Preface + 222 pgs.

Table of Contents

Preface                                                           ix

Introduction                                                     1

Electron Tubes: An Overview                         5

Tube Testers and Tube Troubles                  37

Service Testers                                             45

Old-time Parts: Meters, Transformers, etc.   55

A Deluxe Leakage and Emission Tester       65

An Adjustable Filament Supply                     79

Laboratory Testers                                        89

Designing High Voltage Power Supplies       97

A Re-Configurable High Voltage Supply     107

Breadboards and Breadboarding                121

A Dual High Voltage Regulator                   129

A Versatile Bias Generator                          145

Making Accurate Tube Measurements        153

Specialty Tubes                                           171

Construction Techniques                             183

A Couple of Example Projects                     203

High Voltage Safety                                     213

Bibliography                                                 215

Index                                                            219

The two photographs on page 73 are not identical ... look closely!

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